Civilization, alpha release

January 23, 2015 at 1:34 am (Uncategorized)

Have you ever wanted to hit the reset button on society? To be a part of something radically new?

Do you just wish that the rules you strive to abide by made sense?

Would you like to live life on purpose, with purpose?

Then have I got a deal for you…

Let’s do it.
No. For real. Right now. Let’s do it.

I’m in. Are you with me?

So we can rock the boat without sinking it (because we need a boat), let’s think of it like an augmented reality overlay for the entire world, just to start. When we’re done, there will be nothing left of the original boat, anyway, so we really don’t need to sink it. We don’t need to repair or reform it. We just need to replace it, piece by piece.

So, what makes up civilization, society, culture? I made a list, and I’m using it, but holy damn is that a long list. However, I’m genuinely interested in what your answers are. Maybe you can come up with something I haven’t.

Now that we’re thinking about it, and we’re thinking of making new rules for society, what rules do we abide by that don’t make sense? Can you make heads or tales of the legal system? Does it make sense that we would rather let food go to waste rather than let people who are starving eat it? How about denying the verity of scientifically derived conclusions? Or that people who are willing, capable, exceedingly competent workers are forced to sit idle? How about racisim? Religious intolerance? Religion?

Those are all parts of our current civilization, right? So how about a rewrite.

Should our rules be simple, and comprehensible? I’d say yes. Maybe we can hold people accountable for who they are and what they are trying to accomplish. Of course, this would be on a small scale, but really, “Hey, don’t be a jerk, try to be considerate,” and then etiquette and general maxims that help refine that would probably work for people who want to make it work.

And what about the people we call “civilized” or are part of our culture. Wouldn’t it make more sense if you actually had to identify with that culture to become part of it? The whole “implied social contract” thing seems like silliness. Silliness.

Living life with purpose. Knowing that you can devote yourself to your craft, your community, your passion, your trade, and that you will be supported by other people doing exactly the same thing. Trying to maximize the grandeur of your life by making the most of it and having the support network you need to be able to do just that. Doesn’t that just make sense?

None of this should be new to us. It doesn’t seem new. But, why, I ask, are we not doing this right now?

Well… we’re changing that. Now. Not later. Not when the time is right, because we can determine the time is right simply by doing.

And, you know, what I think would be best is probably different than what you would conclude. I think that’s awesome. Ideal, even. Because living isn’t a science: it’s an art. What art hasn’t been expanded and improved without science? That’s also why we should start discussing it. Your ideas can combine with ours to become something greater, more vibrant, more dynamic, than it would be without you.

We’re open to the discussion. Feel free to email me at and include in the subject line “Let’s hit the reset button” to become a part.

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The culmination of 12 years of change.

January 11, 2015 at 10:22 pm (Uncategorized)

This is a post in progress, but suffice to say, a cohesive project, a cohesive self, and a definitive direction have come together.

Some of it stems from the commune project forum that I started contributing to with several others (stemming from the old  Steal This Wiki) back in 2003. Then a random fact a friend shared with me: in about 2000 more years, Alrai will replace Polaris as the north star, as Polaris previously replaced Thuban (Alpha Draconis). Then the realization that the radical communities have no strong community, identity, or cohesive unit. Then the realization that this could be made, and the framework of the commune project started us off in the right direction.

What if we started from scratch? Starting with a totally blank slate: no morals, no ethics, no language, no traditions, no symbols, no culture, no assumptions, no dogma, no anything… What would we create? If we then took the lessons learned over the course of history, rejected foundations that have known consequences, how much better would it be that which has existed heretofore?

That’s exactly what I’m proposing. Creating our entire culture from scratch. Starting with the assumptions that an explicit social contract that enters you into the culture, the expectation that participation in the culture requires adherence, the understanding that it will be entirely created and constantly, dynamically altered in its nature by its constituents.

There are already three of us at the core, and a few collaborators helping in its development.

This is not a theory. This is not an interesting idea. This is a project being put into immediate implementation.

And we’re looking for others who are interested.

You, my comrade, you whom I was unaware of amid the tumult,
you who are throttled, afraid, suffocated — come, talk to us.

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Think and Affect

September 11, 2010 at 10:34 pm (Analyze)

Truly affecting ones life is a difficult endeavour: an endeavour most of humanity will either neglect to attempt or will do so to a very minor degree. But what happens when one decides to craft one’s life into a work of art?

Immediately a potential problem presents itself. Exemplifying this problem are the various subcultures in which people try to affect the idiosyncrasies of different cultures. This is always done to remarkably poor effect. Exemplary in my experience is the american “otaku” subculture. I will refrain from elaborating too much on this subject and let the next few sentences summarize something that probably has more far-reaching implications.

Otaku, in my experience, tend to adopt the mentality and behavioral patterns of 1) their favorite characters in manga, movies, and anime, 2) what they perceive Japanese culture to be like, usually focusing on either historic or pop culture as portrayed to them by movies, books, animes, and manga, and 3) do so in such a way as to offput most casual observers, irritate those who wish to befriend them, and/or come off as entirely pretentious in their nature.

So, in order to successfully craft one’s life, one must avoid assuming behaviours as mere pretense. Success is indicating by adopting this into one’s very nature and permanently (or semi-permanently) altering ones behaviour. True permanence is not desired: just as an artist often goes through transitions in technique, style, medium, and subject, so too will our perceptions of a desirable nature.

My experience with attempting this has been lifelong. Perhaps I’m inclined toward the task of crafting one’s life because I view my nature as malleable and I’ve never been totally compelled toward, or capable of, simply accepting social/societal/cultural demands.

So on to my real subject.

The fraternal adage goes “wine before liquour: never sicker.” Thus the problem with repression and the current demands placed on myself behaviourally arises. How do you balance being selective in your speech and your inclination toward repression… without the latter becoming a manifestation of the former?

With great difficulty.

It’s much easier to remove your inclination toward repression and being selective in your speech. It turns out, as you probably didn’t know until right now, that your thoughts and speech don’t have to be parallel or simultaneous! Imagine that! And by easier, I mean less time consuming by a period of months or years. Figures…

However, I can express a great degree of success in this endeavour in the timespan between this and my last post. I attribute any success to giving the task cognitive recognition and activity. It also fulfills my list (upcoming post) of persona attributes and goals. I say what I think whilst more often giving consideration to the effects of my speech. This does not mean I will not say something if it might upset somebody, though. This means that I will consider what the effect of upsetting might be them on our interpersonal situation and their intrapersonal landscape.

While doing this, I’m removing anxiety caused by not saying and not doing things because I no longer worry about the anxiety they might pose or the uncomfortable situation that might arise. I will learn from all of what happens, and the next time I add my statement to the mix, I might know what the reaction will create. If things get fucked up in the process, I can accept that. I’ll just try to avoid fucking things up… provided I don’t want them fucked up, which I usually don’t.

By removing said anxiety, I’m removing any necessity for repression. If the automatic behavior occurs given a set of parameters, change the landscape so that said parameters do not occur. Makes sense to me.

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Trials, Travails, and a Brief History

June 2, 2010 at 11:34 pm (Uncategorized)

My defense mechanism of choice is repression. Like a good, stiff drink, it lets me forget and often disinhibits me; unlike a good, stiff drink, I don’t have a say in the matter. It just… happens. It’s like my brain slips me the occasional roofie and the next day I’m fine because I don’t remember the mental abuse.

This might seem like a non-sequitur. It’s not. I’ve spent so much time trying to bend, twist, curve, jump, duck, and dive through the landscape that has been created by the collective we call “society.” For me to actually do this required the old Orwellian double-think, and thus stepped in Repression- stage left.

At first I thought this was just weakness on my part, and to some extent it is. I couldn’t overcome the reality of cognitive dissonance, and thus was found my Achilles Heel. For so very long, it didn’t occur to me to stop trying to conform because the option was never presented to me. You might think that amidst the radicalism and philosophy I’ve immersed myself in, non-conformity would have found itself present. You’d be wrong. Anarchism, communism, veganism, capitalism, fascism, radicalism, reaction, metaphysics, ethics: all of these are just different ways to conform.

What happens when you can’t successfully conform to any of them? Most people try to piece them together in various combinations. Thus is born anarcho-capitalism, radical fascism, and any variety of combined isms you could ever fancy. If that doesn’t work?

Well, if that doesn’t work, most people would say you’re screwed. You’re not. The alternative just isn’t usually a lot of fun.

If you can bend or blend, you strike out on your own. Alone. And thus I came to where I am.

My trial was the attempt to conform. On the pedestal, the jury of my psyche has declared me guilty, and thus unsuccessful. Relationships, acquisition of necessities, modes of thinking, and all I know up until now has been unsuccessful. Now I am exiled into the travails of my own creation, and a lonely exile it is indeed.

There are a few trails out here in the land of travails that I’ve been able to follow. One of them is polyamory.  Oh, and I managed to procure a compass out of the works of Nietzsche, Bakunin, Jung, Waite, and Regardie. At least relationships and thoughts have a general direction to go. The realm of a new form of emotions might be one that I never stumble upon, lacking knowledge or signposts. But here I am. I just keep hoping that there will be a few people that voluntarily join me in my exile. Maybe then there will be a new civilization created from the ground up, based on new ideas and new principles that are actually intelligible, or dare I say, beneficial!

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The Consequences of Internal Inconsistency

May 27, 2010 at 12:33 am (Uncategorized)

For quite a while now I’ve made the mistake of thinking, saying, and doing that which is not congruous to my personality and nature. The ways this has manifest are plentiful and unanimously caustic.

As for the things that I’ve been doing that are so contrary to my personal psyche, I expect a lot of people to consider or express criticism. Things like monogamy, attending college, engaging in endeavors that hold no personal interest to me, being polite in conversation and expressing tact instead of being bluntly direct. These have been my inconsistencies.

And as for how they’ve damaged me? Well, I haven’t been myself. A lot of people that like me quite a lot like me for that selfsame self, and for quite a while that self has been absentee. But the jovial and lighthearted attitude that I feel I manage to convey while also being direct, scrutinizing, insightful, and constructive/deconstructive has been locked far away in the deep recesses of my mind.

Now it’s time for me to get back to work and remake myself from the ground up, building with components that are me rather than the ones people want to add or remove from me. It’s time that I be inconsiderate, blunt, rude, impolite, time that I make jokes of the most serious matters at the most inappropriate times, to upset, upturn, and upend everything around me in a crazed attempt to create internal consistency within myself and those around me.

How do I propose to do this?
I’m going to remake myself.
From the ground up.
Dream of the possible.
Reshape my psyche and persona both inward and outward.
Embrace perceived inconsistencies and try to figure out what the link amidst it all could possibly be.
I’m going to do that which so many are too afraid or too stupid to attempt or comprehend, and I’m not going to be humble about it, either.

It’s time that I stop playing to the tune that the puppeteers and sheep want me to and start making the tunes myself.

The question is: who’s with me?


(I’m so tired of doing this alone….)

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An introduction is necessary…

March 28, 2009 at 2:58 am (Uncategorized)

Unfortunately, I’m the sort of person that tends to forget introductions quite frequently.

One can not really say what this sort of thing is going to be about, especially when your intentions amount to desiring to speak, show, demonstrate, and think. But since my intentions are as simple as such, I cannot guarantee you will read anything interesting.

I’ve also failed 3 other blogs. Yes, that’s right, I failed at blogging. But here I am, trying again once more.

You can expect pictures, stories, instructions, videos, and projects. If you come and find something interesting, I recommend you come again.

So, farewell fellow dreamers: for that is what you are, whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not, regardless of how it feels: everything you know is wrong.

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